The Engineering Students’ Society includes societies for each department. A listing of each society and it’s president can be found below.

Department Listings

AESS | Aerospace Engineers Students' Society

AESS President: Liam Alder

The Aerospace Engineers Students’ Society (AESS) at the Schulich School of Engineering is an organization founded to support and represent the students in the aerospace minor. Be it through fun …

BMESS | Biomedical Engineering Students’ Society

BMESS President: Rachel Renegado

BMESS was founded in 2005 as the first biomedical engineering student club in Western Canada. The club has evolved tremendously over the past few years with enthusiastic students and professors …

CESS | Chemical and Oil & Gas Engineering Students’ Society

CESS President: Ioannis Kandilierakis

The Chemical and Oil & Gas Engineering Students’ Society (CESS) represents more than 500 undergraduate Chemical and Oil & Gas Engineering students to the school, the community and the …

CEUS | Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society

CEUS President: Hope Roberts

CEUS is focused on providing Civil Engineering students at the Schulich School of Engineering with events and resources that support them academically, socially, and in relationships with industry. …

DESS | Digital Engineering Students’ Society

DESS Co-Presidents: Alexa Gee & Stephanie Chu

The Digital Engineering Students’ Society (DESS) is a student run organization that aims to represent students enrolled in the Digital Engineering Minor program. The Digital Minor allows students …

EEESA | Energy and Environment Engineering Student Association

EEESA President: Adam Kucharski

The Energy and Environment Engineering Student Association (EEESA) was established in 2008, as the main student body for students enrolled in the energy and environment (ENEE) specialization, or the …

GESS | Geomatics Engineering Students' Society

GESS President: Apekhchya Shrestha

GESS strives to represent the students of Geomatics Engineering and provide them with the support and opportunities required to be as successful as possible at the University of Calgary. GESS is …

MESS | Mechanical Engineering Students’ Society

MESS President: Michael Nikitenko

MESS strives to represent Mechanical Engineering students, offer professional development opportunities, provide academic support, and enhance the social experience of undergraduate students during …

SEE | Society of Energy Engineers

SEE President: Mustafa Al-Asadi

The University of Calgary Society of Energy Engineers (SEE) is a department student club run by undergraduate students with the fundamental purpose of creating a diverse, technical, and connected …

ZOO | Electrical, Computer, & Software Engineering Students’ Society

ZOO President: Evan Krul

The University of Calgary’s Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering Students’ Society, affectionally referred to as ZOO, is an initiative run by students, for students. ZOO aims to …