Energy and Environment Engineering Student Association


Adam Kucharski

EEESA President

The Energy and Environment Engineering Student Association (EEESA) was established in 2008, as the main student body for students enrolled in the energy and environment (ENEE) specialization, or the more recent energy and environment (ENEE) minor. The ENEE minor is open to students in most engineering majors, and as such both EEESA and the entire ENEE program are very interdisciplinary. Students are united by common interests in the environment, renewable energy, sustainable development, and the future of the energy industry. EEESA offers many academic, industry, and social events throughout the year, which allow ENEE students to learn more about topics related to ENEE, explore ENEE-related jobs, facilities, and research positions, and meet other students with similar interests and goals. Events organized by EEESA take place throughout the year, and include an Internship Panel, Career Fair, Presentations on various ENEE topics by professors or members of industry, and day trips to ENEE facilities around Calgary. EEESA also hosts an international trip over the winter reading week, where previous destinations have included San Francisco, Munich, and Vienna. Social events include pumpkin-carving, diy hydrogen fuel cell batteries, and friendly competitions with BMESS and other engineering student societies.