Academic Resources

The academic portfolio offers students opportunities for academic support such as exam materials, research initiatives, and internship panels. There are also multiple events throughout the year to help students gain industry exposure and professional development including resume review, practice interviews, job shadowing, and the professional development fair.

Engineering Academic Success Centre (EASC)

Academic Success Centre (EASC). The paragraph should be “The Engineering Academic Success Centre, located is located in ENG 207. It is a great resource for students. There are work tables for students to work either individually or in a group and white boards and chalk boards for student use. There are Learning Assistants located in the room as well! If a student needs help with a question or a concept they can find help in this room. EASC contains reference books for laboratory write-ups. To contact EASC, email them at Click here for more information on the Engineering Academic Success Centre.

Engineering Student Centre (ESC)

Many of you will find yourselves in need of information, assistance, or counseling at some time during your university days. The ESC can give you general advice, as well as specific information and assistance for admission and registration, adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses, academic appeals, program selection, and much more.

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D2L is an extremely useful resource for students to use and take advantage of. Many professors use D2L to post important announcements and grades for students. Every student in the university has access to a D2L account and the main login site is found at

University of Calgary Calendar

The Calendar contains most of the information that is needed about the programs and courses that will be taken throughout a students engineering degree program. It contains program overviews, course overviews and much more information about scholarships and minor programs. The calendar is for all students attending the University of Calgary as it contains information on all programs of study. The engineering section starts on page 177. The calendar is available at the University Bookstore, or online.

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