The Schulich School of Engineering supports a variety of teams and clubs. A listing of each team and it’s president can be found below.

Team Listings

AC Robotics

Presidents: Samson Hua & Owen Klassen

Founded in 2013, Alberta Collegiate Robotics is a University of Calgary club, a FIRST alumni group, and a registered non-profit. ​ Our club consists of Robotics, Mechatronics, and Tech enthusiasts who …

Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race

Captain: Tara Glisic

The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) is the largest engineering competition in Canada. Every year, we construct a toboggan capable of holding 5 riders, where the running surfaces must be …

Relectric Car Team

Executive Lead: Camilla Abdrazakov

Relectric Car Team was launched in 2019 in order to research affordable high-performance electric vehicles (EVs). Our team provides students an opportunity to gain technical engineering experience in …

Schulich Racing

Captain: Matthew Kemp

Schulich Racing is a Team created in 1999 with the ultimate goal of forging industry-ready engineers. Through the University of Calgary, Schulich Racing is able to provide students with the …

Schulich Space Rover Team

Captain: Alexis Hamrak

The Schulich Space Rover Team (SSRT) is UCalgary’s design team for Mars Rovers. Started in September 2019, the team is looking forward to competing in its first competition at the Canadian …

Schulich UAV

President: Cindy (Jian Shi) Chen

We are Schulich UAV, an engineering club at the University of Calgary that focuses on contributing to the field of unmanned aviation by participating in design projects and collegiate competitions. …

The Student Organization for Aerospace Research

Captain: Mohammed Mustafa

SOAR is a student engineering team geared towards designing, building, testing, and flying hybrid and solid sounding rockets. Our interdisciplinary team competes in two competitions yearly, at both …