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The Engineering Students’ Society is an entirely volunteer based organization. Positions with the society are available to all members of the Engineering Students’ Society. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the society, feel free to drop us a line. We have a couple types of positions within the society:

Executive Committee

This includes the president of the society and the various vice presidents of each portfolio. These positions are selected by an election process in the end of the winter semester each year.


Each portfolio has a commissioner that assists the vice president of the respective portfolio in their work. These positions are selected through an interview process at the end of each winter semester (after the election). Additionally, due to some unexpected circumstances commissioner positions may come available during the academic year.

First Year Representatives

Selected through a rigorous interview process in the beginning of the fall semester each year. These representatives will gain exposure to the society while representing the society among their respective first year block.

Volunteer Opportunities

These are less formal then other positions offered by the society. Typically, these positions are on a temporary basis to assist with specific events and tasks.

No applications are available at the moment, please check back later for new opportunities!