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ESS Events

Frosh Week

Frosh week is the best way to start the year with a BANG! The purpose is to welcome the first years into Schulich as smoothly as possible. This is your opportunity to get to know your classmates, meet upper-year students, and learn a little bit about what it means to be a part of the engineering community before you begin the grind.

Career Fair

The Engineering Students’ Society (ESS) will be hosting a virtual Career Fair on Thursday, October 7th from 9:30 AM - 4:00 pm (MST). You don’t have to stay at the event for the full 6 hours; you can pop in and out, just like an in-person career fair. There will be companies for all majors at Schulich, and this event is for students in ALL years. From local startups to big household names, there will be a wide selection of companies this year! Whether you are looking for a summer, full-year internship, or a new grad job upon graduation, this career fair is the perfect opportunity to network and build industry connections! You must register to gain access to this event. The registration link is:

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Car Smash

An unconventional fundraising event, the car smash, has always been entertaining for those who wish to relieve themselves from their study stress. For one, you get to take a sledgehammer to an automobile and annihilate it. After all, there is no better way to vent than to lay a serious hit in the name of charity!! Proceeds go to MADD to support victims of driving under the influence and to raise awareness!

Engg Outruns The Stigma

Since 2013, the Engineering Students’ Society has put together teams for an annual mental health run/walk. Be a part of this inspiring walk/run that has raised thousands for our crisis services. Let’s break the stigma surrounding mental health together.

Balls of Fury Ping Pong Tourney

The ultimate Ping Pong match organized by the ESS. It features your favourite profs at singles and doubles categories. Come play against them or with your friends and show them what you’re made of!!


The history of POETS (Piss On Everything – Tomorrow’s Saturday) is a long and proud one. The music plays loud and the good times flow in the Engg Lounge. “POETS has had many themes, from paint night to board games to exchanging bad quiz marks for ice cream. This is a great way to meet friends and unwind after a week of classes. Watch for announcements about POETS throughout the year.