Student Experiential Learning Fund

About the Fund

The Student Experiential Learning Fund (SELF) enables learning opportunities outside the classroom for the clubs and teams of the Schulich School of Engineering (SSE). The Schulich School of Engineering aims to allocate at least $120,000 annually through SELF to improve the Experiential Learning of the Engineering Student. Funds are normally allocated each fiscal year.

Experiential Learning (EL) is learning–by-doing that bridges knowledge and experience through critical reflection. Using intentionally designed and assessed activities, EL enables students to increase understanding, challenge and advance perspectives, clarify values, develop and hone their skills and promote new ways of thinking and doing. These opportunities prepare students to lead and/or respond to change and thrive in an increasingly complex world.

SELF Documents


Funding CompetitionApplication DeadlineCommittee Meeting
Funding Competition #111:59 pm, July 31First Week of August
Funding Competition #211:59 pm, August 31First Week of September
Funding Competition #311:59 pm, September 30First Week of October
Funding Competition #411:59 pm, October 31First Week of November
Funding Competition #511:59 pm, November 30First Week of December
Funding Competition #611:59 pm, December 31First Week of January
Funding Competition #711:59 pm, January 31 11:59 pm, February 14th*First Week of February
Funding Competition #811:59 pm, February 28/29First Week of March

*In light of the Program Launch, the first Application Deadline will be moved from January 31st to Monday, February 14th 11:59 PM MST. Applications will be reviewed by the SELF Committee that week.

How to Submit Applications

Applications can be submitted on the Engineering Students’ Society D2L shell in the Dropbox section. Deadlines can be found on the respective Dropbox folder for each Funding Competition.

When will my Application be Reviewed

All applications for each Funding Competition will be reviewed by the SELF Committee within a week after the Application Deadline. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications early for activities within each fiscal year.

Contact Us

All inquiries can be emailed to: