2021-2022 Council

About our Team

2021-2022 Council

The Engineering Students’ Society Council is a group of student volunteers dedicated to the improvement of your time at the Schulich School of Engineering. We are a diverse group of students just like you, doing our best to be leaders for the engineering community here at the UofC. Our Board of Directors consists of the ESS President, 9 portfolio executives, and 10 departmental representatives elected by you as well as 10 first year representatives. Alongside our commissioner, we advocate for engineering students to the faculty, host social and professional events, and provide an array of services aimed at making your time at Schulich enjoyable, and memorable!

We can’t wait to see you around!

-The ESS Council

Executive Team


Katrina Chanco



Welcome to ESS! My name is Katrina Chanco, the ESS President for 2021-2022. I will be in my last year of Software Engineering, with a minor in Economics. As we enter the new academic year, it is important to find ways to balance and accommodate for in-person and online activities. Working towards building a strong foundation within ESS will allow us to provide quality services and events to all the Engineering students at the University of Calgary. I have high hopes that we can achieve many incredible feats this year and am grateful to be part of a wonderful council full of outstanding people. Please feel free to reach out if you ever want to “Chat with Kat”

Ghada Eldib

VP Academic

Hi everyone! My name is Ghada Eldib, I am a third year chemical engineering student minoring in biomedical engineering and MEED. This 2021 -2022 school year, I will be the VP Academic with ESS! Some of my events include the ESS Dinner and overseeing the Ask An Upper Year program which launched last fall! I have 2 commissioners that I work with and our team is excited to support engineering students this coming year!

Catherine Betancourt-Lee


VP Communications

Hi :) My name is Catherine and I am excited to be your VP Communications this year! I’ll be helping students get all the right information through different mediums, to make sure everyone has access to the same opportunities. I am a second year Biomedical engineering student, who started off as a first year rep last year and wanted to keep being involved with such an amazing community. Whether it be volunteering in and outside of the university, research, or advocating with my other clubs I’m always keeping myself busy in one way or another. I’m super outgoing and energetic with a positive attitude, where my goal is to make someone’s day brighter in any way possible! I’ve always loved meeting new people and dedicating my time to helping anyone, so if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to reach out!

Haaziq Altaf


VP Corporate Relations

Hey y’all! My name is Haaziq Altaf, and I’ll be your VP Corporate Relations this year. I’m entering my third year in mechanical engineering with a minor in digital engineering. I am responsible for managing two commissioners in this portfolio, and the three of us work to connect all engineering students with industry partners. I love playing and watching basketball. I credit a lot of my extra-curricular and friendships to ESS through ESS events and leadership, and so try to get involved with the ESS in any capacity you can! For any information on ESS sponsors, industry-related events, and corporate connections, feel free to reach out to me!

Michelle Chow


VP External Relations

Hi there! My name is Michelle and I’m in my second year of Electrical Engineering. I’m so excited to be your VPX this year! I was a First Year Rep last year and Publications Commissioner over the summer, so I’m thrilled to be back on the council with so many inspiring people. As VPX, I represent the University of Calgary Engineering Students’ Society to two national organizations, the Western Engineering Student Societies’ Team (WESST) and Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES). In my free time, I love reading, travelling, meeting new people, and getting involved in the community. Come and say hi if you see me around campus!

Kathleen Gaulin


VP Finance

Hey guys! I’m Katie, your VP Finance for the 2021-2022 school year. I’m a third year Mechanical Engg major with an Energy and Environmental Engg specialization. Most of what I do for council is find funding for our events, competitions and conferences, as well as manage the budget and overall incoming and outgoing money. I do all of this so that our students can have the best possible experience with ESS and at Schulich, and so we can hold bigger and better events. I love to bake, cook, do any outdoor sports, and use my camera constantly. If you see any council photos there is a 50% chance they were taken by me and that I will not be in any of the photos. I can’t wait for class to be in-person and I hope to see you all in the ESS office!

Camilla Abdrazakov


VP Internal

Heyo! My name is Camilla, and I’m entering my third year of mechanical engineering with a digital minor. As your VP Internal, I am in charge of designing dope merch, connecting you with clubs and opportunities, and improving your overall student experience! I also oversee the technology, diversity, and student & alumni engagement commissioners. I love matcha green tea ice cream, rugby, rock climbing, and anything outdoors. I’m also a huge fan of the mountains (BIGG ROCKS!!). Don’t be shy to say hi if you see me around, or reach out to me online!

Amanda Leung


VP Operations

Hey everyone! My name is Amanda (she/her), and I’m entering my third year of Civil Engineering with a double minor in Energy/Environmental Engineering & MEED (yeah, it’s low key a mouthful). As VP Operations, I will manage everything in the ESS office (located in the Engineering lounge), oversee daily operations related to ESS, and create new merchandise alongside VP Internal! When I am not busy with school, I’m binging Netflix, golfing, or ice skating. ESS is dedicated to enriching the lives of Schulich students, so I hope you enjoy your time here! Be sure to stop by the ESS office or shoot me an email if you ever want to chat! I look forward to meeting all of you in the safest way possible.

Avinash Muruganandam


VP Student Life

Hola everyone :) My name is Avi and I am your VP Student Life this year. I will be in charge of organizing most of the events held by ESS, so if there’s an event you’d like to see happen you can come to talk to me. My job is to make sure you are welcomed into the Schulich community. There’s always a way to get involved regardless of the type of person you are so come down and say hi sometime :) Make sure to not miss out on FROSH week

Robert Brown


VP Technology

Hey everyone, I’m Robert and I am currently entering my third year in Software Engineering. As the VP Technology, I am responsible for the management of everything tech for ess such as the website and emails. We have some cool projects we are working on in order to make the services that ESS offers more accessible to you. Would love to chat about personal projects and how we can make our tech better. Feel free to email me at my council email.

Commissioner Team


Sharlyne Rafique


Academic Commissioner

Hello everyone, I’m Sharlyne and I’m the Academic Commissioner for ESS this year. I am currently in my third year of Civil Engineering and am looking into taking the structural minor in the near future. When I’m not doing piles of homework, you may see me editing videos as videography is one of my major hobbies, spending time outdoors (hiking/biking), or watching hours of Grey’s Anatomy haha. As this is my first year being apart of the ESS council, I’m excited to see all that this position has to offer; coordinating events, seeking/providing opportunities, and meeting new people along the way!

Etienne Lagace


Administration Commissioner

Hello! My name is Etienne Lagace, and I’m going into my third year of software engineering. I originally planned on going into mechanical engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering; obviously, I got sidetracked a little and did none of that, but my parents are still proud of me. So I must be doing something right. As the new admin commissioner, I’ll be helping the operations portfolio handle the ESS office (located in the Engineering Lounge), ESS online store, and the First Year Reps. With the university starting to come back in person, I look forward to seeing a ton of new faces, as well as color-coordinating our ESS merch. Although I can’t make any promises, I am color blind after all. On the other hand, I love locked rooms and can give anyone a recommendation for a good hike.

Mohamed Numan


Artistic Commissioner

My name is Numan. I am a third year software engineering student and I will be the Artistic commissioner for the academic year 2021-2022. my passion lies in coding, but apart from this I enjoy gaming and like to keep myself active by playing soccer.

Hiten Mahalwar


Community Relations Commissioner

Hi! I’m Hiten, your Community Relations Commissioner and a second year Software Engineering major. After being a First Year Rep last year, I’ll be working this year with community partners to help bring benefits, sponsors, and discounts for ESS members, so make sure to check out all the discounts that come with your ESS member card. I like playing soccer, basketball, badminton, hiking and basically every other sport as well. In addition to listening to a lot of music, I’m also often running out of shows to watch. If you see me in person or virtually don’t hesitate to say hi!

Lucas Ion


Competitions Commissioner

Hi I’m Lucas and I use he/him pronouns! I will be the Competitions Commissioner for the upcoming 2021/2022 school year while majoring in Software Engineering. I am super excited to begin planning some great competitions for the upcoming year and look forward to seeing some awesome displays of engineering! Outside of school, I love soccer and I am a huge fan of Chelsea FC. I am also a huge fan of TV shows such as The Office and Parks and Recreation! I am super excited to be your Competitions Commissioner and look forward to meeting many of you!

Zachary Lau


Finance Commissioner

Hey everyone, Zach here. I’m a fourth year electrical engineering student and current Finance Commissioner for ESS. My job on council is to help our VP Finance with her day-to-day activities. This includes things like funding applications, accounting and managing our store. You’ll likely see me in the office working at the front desk or helping out at the various ESS events. Fun fact, I’ve also been part of the SUAV electrical team for the past four years, so feel free to ask me all about clubs and how you can get involved. And of course if you have any questions about ESS I’m here for you.

Mufaro Mungoni


Professional Development Commissioner

Yoh what’s poppin! My name is Mufaro and I am currently in my second year doing software engineering here at Schulich. I am so excited to be working under the Academic Portfolio as this year’s Professional Development Commissioner for the ESS. Throughout the year I will be working on events and programs that will assist in developing our professional skills such as networking, resume writing, mock interviews, presentation, etc. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. In my spare time I try to read books (I’m not a huge reader but I’m trying to get better), otherwise I watch tv, hang out with friends, play/watch sport (mainly soccer and basketball) and look for any opportunity to grow my character and appreciate different perspectives so I am open to try new things.

Kenza Filali


Social Commissioner

Hey! I am honored to be one of your social commissioners this year and I will be helping in organizing events hosted by ESS as we return to campus! This year is not like any other and hopefully we can make that transition as smooth and as fun as possible! I’m excited to work on these events to help you recharge your batteries from school with friends and be part of the Schulich community! I am going into my second year of mechanical engineering and finance. I am a huge F1 fan, I really enjoy reading and going on road-trips. I look forward to organizing events that will make your university experience unforgettable!

Ana Clara Perrone


Social Commissioner

Hey everyone, my name is Ana Clara, but you can call me Ana! I’m super excited to be joining ESS again, this time as one of your Social Commissioners! I’m in second year Software Engineering, even though this may as well be my first year on campus, and after an entire year of virtual school, I am more than ready to meet you all in person, and help the VP Student Life throw as many amazing social events as possible! Please feel free to reach out to me anytime you would like, whether that is regarding an event, your event ideas, or if you just want to chat! I absolutely love to connect with people! When I’m not in school, or doing homework, I’ll most likely be trying to find new things to do in our lively city! I love music, movies, TV shows, short films, you name it! But most importantly, I love hanging out with my friends and getting outdoors. If you see me around, please come say hello!

Dennis Lieu


Sponsorship Commissioner

Hey all! My name is Dennis, and I’m your Sponsorship Commissioner for this year. I’m entering my third year of electrical engineering with a minor in digital engineering. Along with the help of the Corporate Relations team, I work to connect engineering students to industry professionals by securing sponsorships with companies for the ESS. I’m passionate about the fields of STEM, which is why I decided to become an engineer. It’s a privilege that I get to work with amazing people to build a brighter future through technology. Outside of school, I love playing games, watching anime, and hiking in the mountains. I’m also a basketball fan, with my favorite team being the Raptors of course! I think that getting involved with the community is one of the best things we can do to make the most of our short time here. I’m excited to meet everyone as we transition back to normal. Feel free to say hey if you bump into me!

Sarah Chen


Student & Alumni Engagement Commissioner

My name is Sarah, and I am the Student and Alumni Engagement Commissioner for this year. I am in my third year of Civil Engineering, and excited to be continuing my involvement within the Schulich community. I am looking forward to contributing to the social and professional collaboration of the student body with Schulich alumni, as well as to engage students through ESS initiatives. Outside of school, I am an aspiring plant mom, a pun enthusiast and a rugby player. I love meeting new people and am always open to receive feedback on club initiatives, events and services, so do not hesitate to reach out! You can contact me through my ESS email or come chat with me if you see me around campus.

Jonah Dimnik


Sustainability Commissioner

Heyo! My name is Jonah, and I will be your Sustainability Commissioner for this upcoming year. In general, my goal is to find different ways that ESS can promote sustainability within their events and help us work towards a more sustainable future. You can also keep an eye out for some events with a specific focus on sustainability. This year we are hoping to make ESS a Net Zero organization by reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting our travel related carbon emissions. I look forward to seeing you all participate in the events we have planned for this year!

Hy Huynh


Technology Commissioner

Hi, my name is Hy Huynh. I am in my 3rd year Software Engineering and will be your Technology Commissioner for 2021-2022. My responsibility will be maintaining ESS website as well as developing the amazing projects along side with our VP Technology. The programming journey to visualize my personality has just begun, and this opportunity is one of my very first stops. So, I am super excited to explore new things and new me in this academic year, and will do my best to give you unforgettable moments in ESS’s community.