2023-2024 Council

Get to know more about your ESS council members

About the Team

The Engineering Students’ Society Council is a group of student volunteers dedicated to the improvement of your time at the Schulich School of Engineering. We are a diverse group of students just like you, doing our best to be leaders for the engineering community here at the UofC. Our Board of Directors consists of the ESS President, 8 portfolio executives, 9 departmental representatives elected by you, and 10 first year representatives. Alongside our commissioners, we advocate on behalf of engineering students to the school, host social and professional events, and provide an array of services aimed at making your time at Schulich enjoyable!

We can’t wait to see you around!

-The ESS Council

Executive Team


Avi Muruganandam



Hola todos! My name is Avi and I’m your ESS President for this year! I’m going into my 5th year of Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace. I’m super grateful for the opportunity to be the leader of this student society. We have so many exciting things planned for this year and we can’t wait to share them with you all! ESS has a lot to offer, so feel free to come by the office and ask anyone what we can do for you. In my personal life, I just finished an internship at Stantec. During the summers, I love to golf and during the winters, I love to snowboard. You will also catch me running around campus so, feel free to stop me and say hi! I would love to talk and get to know you all! Have a wonderful year!

Ebube Anachebe


VP Academic

Hello! My name is Ebube and I am currently the Interim VP Academic for the 2023-2024 school year - hopefully I will be joining long term :). I am in my 3rd year of Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Engineering. In my free time, you will probably find me trying to learn a new skill, playing one of my various musical instruments, singing, or just being a curious person trying to learn something new! If you have not already noticed, I love learning! I am looking forward to working on ESS this year to better support students. I love meeting new people so if you see me, please do not hesitate to say hi! It’s always a pleasure meeting other students!

Amber Quo


VP Communications

Hi! My name is Amber and I am so excited to be your VP Communications this year! I’ll be ensuring engineering students stay in the loop and are engaged, whether it be through social media, email, or any other platform. I’m a second year biomedical engineering student with a minor in digital engineering, but who wants to talk about school? For fun, I love to play rugby, ski, and travel. Feel free to reach out (email above!) or if you see me in the hall be sure to say hi!

Fabiha Chohan


VP Corporate Relations

Hello! My name is Fabiha Chohan and I am the incoming VP Corporate Relations at ESS. I am going into my third year of Biomedical Engineering with a minor in digital. This summer, I have been collaborating with industry professionals to facilitate engagement, collaboration and networking opportunities for the students. I have also worked with our community partners to provide awesome benefits to our students. I can’t wait for another year of awesome events that we have planned! In my free time, I love to stay active, be outdoors and hang out with my friends!

Ella Johnson


VP External

Hello! Welcome to Schulich. I’m in my third year of mechanical engineering and business, but I’m also excited to be your VP External! I’ve been in ESS since my first year. You can usually find me in the ESS office (room ENE 134 A) with an energy drink in hand. My job is to manage conference delegations, ESS documents, and the Schulich Engineering Competition. Make sure to get your Junior Design teams ready for October! I’m passionate about helping students get involved. My advice to you? Grades aren’t everything, take care of your mental health, and don’t overextend yourself. At the same time, don’t be afraid to extend yourself a little! This is your community for the next 4 (or more) years. Connect with it. I promise it will pay off. I’m extremely energetic, caffeinated, and outgoing, so feel free to reach out to external@essucalgary.com if you want to get involved or chat!

Robert Brown


VP Finance

Hello, I’m Robert, the Vice President of Finance on ESS. This marks my third year on the council. After completing an internship, I am now entering my final year of Software Engineering. My primary goal this year is to collaborate with the council, as well as various clubs and teams within the Schulich School of Engineering, to provide financial support for events that enhance the student experience. I possess a strong passion for finances and continuously strive to ensure that we achieve the best value for our money. When I’m not focused on school, you can find me tinkering with electronics and brewing coffee. If you ever want to have a conversation about technology, finance, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out or find me in the office!

Lujaina Eldelebshany


VP Internal

Hello hello! My name is Lujaina (Looj-eye-na) and I’m your ESS VP Internal! I’m in my third year of software and biomedical engineering, and I’ll be doing my best this year to work with the other portfolios to bring you a holistic university experience as well as support technical and social initiatives on campus. Outside of university, I love to play cards, obsess over watches, travel, and bake desserts. I love to meet new friends through events or projects, and I’m very involved around campus with different clubs, so definitely feel free to say hi and chat if you see me around!!

Taylor Kindleman


VP Operations

Hey there! I’m thrilled to introduce myself as your VP Operations this year! My name is Taylor, and I’m passionate about many things including art, staying active, and 3D printing. As a second-year mechanical engineering student, I’m always eager to dive into the world of equations, design, and experiments to understand how things work and find creative solutions to real-world challenges. Being VP Operations I spend a lot of my time working in the ESS Office ensuring that everything is working smoothly and everyone is welcome! I’ll be focusing a lot this year on streamlining our store and improving the facilities for all students. I can’t wait to see you all, and please feel free to swing by the ESS Office to say hi and check out all the cool things we have in store!

Tavish Comrie


VP Student Life

I am a third year geomatics engineering student who enjoys both watching and playing sports in my free time. I am also a CA in residence alongisde being an athlete and board member on the rowing team. I am a very chatty and outgoing person so if you see me around don’t be afraid to come up and say hi.

Commissioner Team


Pamela Jaya


Administration Commissioner

Hi everyone, I’m Pamela but you can call me Pam and I will be your Administration Commissioner this year here at the ESS. A little bit about me: I am entering my second year, going into Biomedical Engineering, so I’m both excited and nervous. This is my first year on the ESS and I am ready to make every minute count. If there is one thing I like it is going on adventures for destressing (fugas, iykyk) so you will probably see me walking around campus or the city really - don’t be afraid to say hi :) Anyways, I am excited to be part of your council this year, wishing you all the best and don’t forget to appreciate the little things.

Jessica Varghese


Artistic Commissioner

Hello! My name is Jessica and I’m the Artistic Commissioner this year. Hope everyone has a great school year!

Michael Akl


Community Relations Commissioner

I am a passionate and driven individual, constantly seeking opportunities to make a positive impact. With a curious mind and a heart that thrives on challenges, I am dedicated to pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons.

Evan Bosdet


Competitions Commissioner

My name is Evan Bosdet, I’m going into my second year of engineering with a focus on electrical engineering. I love working with teams and individually to explore my passions like music, design, technology, and student government. This year with ESS I’ll be your Competitions Commissioner, which means I’ll be working to facilitate all student competitions ran through ESS, with the help of my other council members of course. Looking forward to an exciting year of competitions and courses!

Donna Housh


Diversity Commissioner

Hey everyone! I’m Donna, and I’m super excited to be your Diversity Commissioner for the 2023-2024 academic school year. I’m in my third year of Chemical Engineering with a minor in energy and environment. I absolutely love going for walks and snapping pics of the pretty skies. Spending time with my family and friends is the best, and I’m always up for trying out new and delicious foods. Can’t wait to work with the council and make some new connections! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Shannon Wong


Finance Commissioner

Hello everyone! I’m Shannon, and I am this year’s Finance Commissioner. I’m in my second year of electrical engineering. I’m really excited to be part of ESS this school year! As the Finance Commissioner, I am responsible for the administration and management of the SELF fund - an amazing source of funding for Schulich clubs and teams. In my free time, I like to play music and explore nature. If you ever see me, feel free to stop by and say hello! :)

Saachi Sharma


Professional Development Commissioner

Hi! My name is Saachi, and I am in my second year of Mechanical Engineering. I am so excited to be the Professional Development Commissioner for this school year. I’ll be focusing on giving our student body access to opportunities that help strengthen their professional skills and connection to the industries that we’ll all be joining soon. I hope to host many interactive events, including the Professional Development Fair. Outside of ESS and school, I love spending time with my friends, going on hikes, and listening to music. I hope to see everyone around campus!

Shakira Haji


Publications Commissioner

Hey y’all! I’m Shakira (yes, like the singer) and I’m your Publications Commissioner for this year! I’ll be entering my second year of biomedical engineering with a digital minor. My role primarily involves making sure you guys are informed about engineering related events and important opportunities. So, when you get an email from me, be sure not to ignore it!!! I’m excited to work on the ESS council this year with my wonderful colleagues, and we will do our best to represent our fellow engineering student body!

Ariana Miller


Social Commissioner

Hello everyone!! My name is Ariana Miller and I am one of your social commissioners this upcoming year. I’m going into my second year of a Mechanical Engineering major with a Digital minor. Beyond cramming last minute for exams, you can find me cooking, hitting the gym, and writing and listening to music! I’m excited to see what the future holds with my position here and to get to know the student body in the next months! I’m always open to meeting new friends and sharing ideas about what you’d like to see happening in the upcoming ESS events. Feel free to come say hi if you see me around campus :)

Stephan Babak


Social Commissioner

My name is Stephan Babak and I am one of the student life commissioners. I am in my second year of Mechanical Engineering with a Digital Minor. I will be running many events along side my VP and the other commissioner this year. Come have fun and destress from the year that is about to swallow us alive. Feel free to contact me or my fellow ESSers and come by the office (I swear we don’t bite).

Riya Sharma


Sponsorship Commissioner

Hi everyone! My name is Riya and I’m an incoming second year Software Engineering student with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. I’ll be your Sponsorship Commissioner for the 2023-2024 academic year! I have been connecting with potential ESS sponsors to support us during the upcoming year. I am part of a few campus clubs, and outside of school I love volunteering throughout the community, staying active, and I’m also a Bollywood dancer/dance teacher! We have a lot planned for this year and I’m really excited about it - I hope you are too!

Camilla Abdrazakov


Sustainability Commissioner

Heyo! I’m Camilla and I’m your Sustainability Commissioner this year! I’m going into my 5th of Mechanical Engineering with a Digital Minor. In my free time, I really enjoy climbing, hiking, and running! I am looking forward to pushing our campus community to adopt more sustainable practices - if you have any ideas for events or initiatives, please reach out! :)

Brooke Kindleman


Technology Commissioner

Dennis Lieu


Website Commissioner

Hey all! My name is Dennis, and I’ll be the Website Commissioner for this year. I’m entering my final year of electrical engineering with a minor in digital engineering. I love technology and software, which is why I decided to take on the new role of Website Commissioner on this year’s council. Outside of school, I enjoy playing games, watching anime, and hiking. I think that getting involved with the community is one of the best things we can do to make the most of our time here. Having been on the ESS previously, I can say that the team hosts lots of great events throughout the year, so be sure to check them out! I’m excited to have a “normal” uni experience again for my last year after going through so many online and hybrid semesters. Feel free to say hey if you bump into me!