2020-2021 Council

About our Team

2020-2021 Council

The Engineering Students’ Society Council is a group of student volunteers dedicated to the improvement of your time at the Schulich School of Engineering. We are a diverse group of students just like you, doing our best to be leaders for the engineering community here at the UofC. Our Board of Directors consists of the ESS President, 9 portfolio executives, and 7 departmental representatives elected by you as well as 8 first year representatives. Alongside our commissioner, we advocate for engineering students to the faculty, host social and professional events, and provide an array of services aimed at making your time at Schulich enjoyable, and memorable!

We can’t wait to see you around!

-The ESS Council

Executive Team


Ewan May


Hey there! My name is Ewan, I am super excited to be your ESS president this year as I enter my fifth year of electrical engineering. I love board games, taking care of plants, a good craft beer, and bad puns. If you want to know more about ESS or collaborate on a project, feel free to reach out!

Vincent Cung

VP Communications

My name is Vincent (most people call me Vinny) and I will be your VP Communications for the 2020-2021 academic year! I am in my fourth year of geomatics engineering and I love to make new friends. In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports and video games. With our new situation, I’m excited to take on this year’s challenges and help you all out however I can; don’t be afraid to reach out to me online!

Eric Fung

VP External

Hi all! I’m Eric, I use he/him pronouns and I’ll be entering my final year of electrical engineering with a biomedical specialization. I love trying and discussing different craft beers and being overly enthusiastic about fountain pens. As VPX, I represent the University of Calgary Engineering Students’ Society to two national organizations, Western Engineering Student Societies’ Team (WESST) and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES).

Samson Hua

VP Operations

Hey everyone! My name is Samson, and I am going into my third year of Mechanical Engineering combined with Business, and I am this year’s VP Operations for ESS! My team is in charge of running the day-to-day operations of the ESS, as well as managing the ESS office which is located in the Engineering Lounge! Unfortunately the office will be closed for Fall semester, however when things return back to normal, I highly encourage you to come on down to the office and introduce yourself; I’d love to meet you and have a conversation! In my free time, I love 3D printing, working on robots, and collecting patches for my Schulich Scarf!

Avinash Muruganandam

VP Student Life

Hola Froshies :) I’m Avinash (most people just call me Avi) and I am your VP Student Life this year. I will be in charge of organizing most of the events held by ESS, so if there’s an event you’d like to see happen you can come talk to me. My job is to make sure you are welcome to the Schulich community and that there’s always a way to get involved regardless of the type of person you are. So come down and say hi sometime :) Make sure to not miss out on FROSH, we’re going to have a mix between in-person and online events!

Katie Gualin

VP Finance

Hey Frosh! I’m Katie, a second-year Mechanical student with an Energy and Environmental specialization. I started as a First Year Rep last year (the best one), and the council can’t seem to get rid of me, so I went for the power position this year. I enjoy baking, photography, and hanging out with the VP Internal. If you come into the office often enough, you’re guaranteed to get some free baked goods, but will probably leave having volunteered for at least three events.

Jesse Lim

VP Internal

Hi, my name is Jesse, and it is my privilege to be your VP Internal this year. I’m in my third year of electrical engineering, and this year it will be my responsibility to provide you with cool engineering merchandise, create opportunities for you to experience the Schulich culture, and connect you with clubs and opportunities to enrich your university experience. When I’m not performing my duties as VP Internal, and have free time from studying, you can find me reading, playing video games, or taking a quick nap. I know you’ll love your time here as much as I have, and I hope to meet and see you all as soon as safely possible!

Haaziq Altaf

VP Corporate

Hey y’all! My name is Haaziq Altaf, and I’ll be your VP Corporate Relations this year. I’m entering my second year in mechanical engineering with a minor in digital engineering. I am responsible for managing two commissioners in this portfolio, and the three of us work to connect all engineering students with industry partners in and around Calgary.I love playing and watching basketball (Go Raptors Woo!…and no, I don’t want to hear why the Warriors would’ve won if KD and Klay weren’t injured). I credit a lot of my first year’s extra-curricular and friendships to ESS - I met a lot of cool people and learned a lot when I was a first year representative. As a VP this year, I’m going to try my best to replicate that

Ghada Eldib

VP Academic

Hello! My name is Ghada and I am a second year chemical engineering student doing a minor in biomedical engineering. I love being involved with ESS since I first started as a first year representative and now as VP Academic. It is truly an honor to be part of such a vibrant community! I look forward to organizing events and programs for engineering students this year and supporting you all as much as I can! Welcome to the Schulich School of Engineering!

Commissioner Team


Camilla Abdrazakov

Academic Commissioner

Currently, I am a second year Mechanical engineering student doing a minor in biomedical. My favorite pastime is hiking, I love to read, play rugby, and I absolutely love to get involved in the community. As Academic Commissioner, I look forward to organizing events that will serve as a useful tool in your transition to university academically, as well as those that will provide opportunities to excel in the future.

Amanda Leung

Admin Commissioner

Hi everyone, my name is Amanda. I am in my second year of study in Civil Engineering, specializing in Energy and Environment. My goal is to provide students with high quality merchandise and a positive experience if you drop by the office (fingers crossed that it’s open). If you can’t find me sleeping in the Engineering Lounge, I am usually enjoying the many wonders of Netflix, reading a book, or skiing.

Aamna Amer

Artistic Commissioner

Hi! My name is Aamna Amer and I am a third-year chemical engineering student with a digital minor. My role as the Artistic Commissioner for the Engineering Students’ Society involves digital marketing and advertising. Some of my interests and passions include empowering women and providing them with a strong support network. My dedication to this cause is evident through my role as the Events Coordinator for WISE and some of the other volunteering roles I have taken on over the past few years. I am also interested in improving the world through biomedical engineering, which is why I have joined Enova as their VP Education Coordinator. Please feel free to contact me.

Shivek Kanwar

Community Relations Commissioner

Hey Froshies! I’m Shivek Kanwar and I will be your Community Relations Commissioner for the year. I am a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student specializing in Biomedical Engineering. My interests include creating/ playing music, photography, and SPACE! This year I will be helping to bring community-based perks to your ESS memberships, assisting with the career fair and webinars/info-sessions. I will also be bringing you ESS’s first-ever podcast, so keep an ear out! Welcome to the ride and all the best!

Lucas Ion

Competitions Commissioner

Hey! I am a second year engineering student in Software Engineering. As a member of the Engineering Students’ Society my position is that of the Competitions Commissioner. Outside of engineering I love staying active and playing my favourite sport, soccer. Some of my hobbies include cooking and watching movies!

Risat Haque

Diversity Commissioner

Hey everyone! My name is Risat. I am a second year software engineering student and I’m extremely excited to be your diversity commissioner! I’ll be working to ensure that ESS is an inclusive space and welcoming to all students. Throughout the year I will be taking up various diversity initiatives, mental health-based events and sustainability themed events. Outside of ESS, I am most likely watching Netflix or eating food around the city! If you have any ideas to make ESS a more inclusive space, feel free to reach out to me or contact me on social media. My email is diversity.ess@gmail.com. Have an awesome year!

Robert Brown

Finance Commissioner

I am going into my second year of Software Engineering with a minor in Mechatronics. This will be my first year with the Engineering Students Society. I assist the VP of Finance with the funding of the various events and services offered by our society. I enjoy spending my free time with my friends and checking out new technology. I hope that you will all have an opportunity to get involved with our society and check out the events we have to offer. Feel free to say hi if you see me around. t

Dennis Lieu

Professional Development Commissioner

Hi! I’m Dennis, this year’s Professional Development Commissioner. I work under the Academic Portfolio for the ESS. I’m going into my second year this fall for electrical engineering here at Schulich. I’m passionate about the field of STEM, which is why I decided to become an engineer. I think that getting involved with our great community is one of the best things we can do to make the most out of our short time here. I’m lucky to be able to see the very people who’ll shape our future on a daily basis and look forward to meeting you all

Azlan Amjad

Publications Commissioner

Hi everyone! My name is Azlan Amjad and I’m a second year Software Engineering student. I am also this year’s Publications Commissioner for ESS. Here is a little bit about myself, I love working out and playing/watching sports, especially basketball, I’m also open to meeting new people so if you ever see me around don’t be afraid to say hi, or contact me on social media or shoot me an email.

Nathalie Drzewiecki

Social Commissioner

Hi everyone! My name is Nathalie, and I’m psyched to be one of your social commissioners this year. I’m majoring in Electrical Engineering in my second year at Schulich, but beyond that, I’m an equestrian, love being outdoors and consider myself a live music enthusiast. I’m ecstatic to work on events to help you de-stress from your studies, and although COVID has made this a “special year”, I’m here to assure you that we have some exceptional experiences coming your way. It’s all kicking off with Frosh week, and I hope to see you then!

Kate Zakresky

Social Commissioner

Hi there, I’m Kate! After running Pi Week 2020 I am excited to officially be a member of the ESS team this year as one of two social commissioners. I am entering my third year as a mechanical engineering student with a minor in energy and environment. I am a very social person who loves to keep busy, whether that be school involvement or getting outdoors I’m always doing something. I will be helping plan and run all social events hosted by ESS, including FROSH week! I look forward to helping develop the community we have in a normal year with the adapted environment we will have in the upcoming semester. I hope to see you all at our events and around the building soon!

Christian Giroux

Sponsorship Commissioner

I’m Chris, the sponsorship commissioner for the 2020-2021 year, and one of the former First Year Representatives for the ESS. I’m entering my second year of a double major in chemical engineering and business, and plan on going to law school upon completion of my degree. Most of my time is spent with friends, playing guitar, snowboarding, or hiking. Feel free to say hi if you see me around campus, and I look forward to meeting you guys at upcoming events. Best of luck this year!

Jordan Christopher-Shah

Student & Alumni Engagement Commissioner

Hey everyone, my name is Jordan. I’m entering my third year of electrical engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering. This year with ESS I will be your student and alumni engagement commissioner! (bit of a mouthful). When I am not busy with school or clubs, I love making music, drawing and being active. I’m happy to hear ESS feedback and help you guys however I can this year so don’t be afraid to reach out. HMU at my ESS email sengagement@ess.ucalgary.ca . Look forward to meeting you all.

Ratik Kapoor

Technology Commissioner

Hey friends! My name is Ratik and I’m going to be your technology commissioner for this year! University is a fun and challenging time so ESS wants to help you navigate it with some exciting new projects. When I’m not messing around with new tech, you can find me either playing with my dog or biking around town! Feel free to poke me and say hi if you see me on campus (or in a Zoom call)! Looking forward to getting to know you guys!

First Year Representatives


Jimmy Bright

Block 1

Hi! I’m Jimmy, one of your first year ESS reps. I am currently planning on majoring in Electronics Engineering with a minor in Computer Engineering. I am proud to represent this years newest Schulich School of Engineering Class (aka the COVID Class). When I’m not buried in homework I love to play golf, tinker with electronics, or entertain my cats. Looking forward to meeting new people and can’t wait to get on campus.

Haden Scheirman

Block 1

Hey future engineers! My name is Haden, I am thrilled to be your first-year representative for block one. I can’t wait to see what else this year has to offer and to be able to be a part of making it phenomenal for you all. I want you all to get to know me so I’ll tell you all a bit about myself; I love biking and hiking in the mountains, I’m the proud father of an adorable bunny named Jade, and I am a terrible cook but I still try. I’m here to guide you all to success so if you have any questions, advice to give, or just want to say hi don’t be afraid to reach out to me!

Michelle Chow

Block 2

Hi there! My name is Michelle and I am so excited to be one of the First Year Reps for Block 2. Even though we’re online, I hope to make this a fun and memorable year filled with unforgettable experiences for you! In my spare time, I love cooking, baking, reading, and exploring new places. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas for ESS, and I look forward to meeting you all!

Ana Perrone

Block 2

Hey everybody, I’m Ana! I am just starting my first year of engineering here at Schulich and I’m so excited to be joining ESS as one of the First Year Representatives for Block 2! My job is to connect students with the council and let them know about everything that is going, so feel free to reach out to me anytime, even if we aren’t in the same block! I am really looking forward to meeting new people even though this semester that will be happening virtually! I love music, movies, and hanging out with my friends!

Mufaro Mungoni

Block 3

What it do everybody! My name is Mufaro and I will be one of your First Year Reps for the 2020-2021 academic year. I was born, raised and currently reside in Zimbabwe. I am in Block 3 and have no idea which major I want to go into (but software and electrical are whispering in my ear for now). In my spare time I try to read books (I’m not a huge reader but I’m trying to get better), otherwise I watch tv, hang out with friends, play/watch sport (mainly soccer and basketball) and look for any opportunity to grow my character and appreciate different perspectives so I am open to try new things.

Catherine Betancourt-Lee

Block 3

Hi :) My name is Catherine and I am the First Year Rep for Block 3! I’m really excited to be a part of ESS this year with its vibrant community, while also getting to help the university in any way that I can. I love volunteering, research and meeting new people along with being an advocate for mental health. When I’m not too busy studying, I enjoy staying active, playing my guitar and going crazy over new stationary. I’m super easy-going and energetic, so if you see me in a zoom call or in person feel free to say hello!

Hiten Mahalwar

Block 4

Hey! I’m Hiten Mahalwar and I’m thrilled to be a first year representative. When I’m not busy with school and clubs, you can find me playing sports, learning something new, volunteering and hanging out with friends. This year I’ll be working to create an amazing first year engineering experience, creating virtual opportunities, and giving announcements to block 4. Feel free to say hi or contact me anytime!

Elizabeth Rubin

Block 4

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Rubin, I am one of the first year representatives of block 4 this year. If you need a messenger between yourself and the ESS, you can come to me! Outside of our beloved online engineering courses I enjoy reading and watching murder mysteries, propagating succulents, and organizing the occasional cabinet.