2022-2023 Council

About our Team

2022-2023 Council

The Engineering Students’ Society Council is a group of student volunteers dedicated to the improvement of your time at the Schulich School of Engineering. We are a diverse group of students just like you, doing our best to be leaders for the engineering community here at the UofC. Our Board of Directors consists of the ESS President, 9 portfolio executives, and 10 departmental representatives elected by you as well as 10 first year representatives. Alongside our commissioner, we advocate for engineering students to the faculty, host social and professional events, and provide an array of services aimed at making your time at Schulich enjoyable, and memorable!

We can’t wait to see you around!

-The ESS Council

Executive Team


Ratik Kapoor



Hi everyone, I’m Ratik and your ESS President for this year! I’m in my final year of Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Engineering. I’m so excited to see everyone lively on campus again and for what’s to come this year. I encourage you to take full advantage of all the services ESS offers and to come out to the events that we host! Outside of ESS, you can find me working on cars, hacking together software projects, taking my mountain bike out on trails, or playing with my dog Teddy! Come say hi if you see me walking around campus or shoot me an email at president@essucalgary.com! I’d love to meet as many of you as I can!

Mufaro Mungoni


VP Academic

Hello everyone, I’m Mufaro and I am super excited to be your VP Academic this year. I am in 3rd year Software Engineering and I enjoy playing soccer and basketball in my free time. As VP Academic, I responsible for being a liaison between you (the student body) and the faculty staff. I also oversee a lot of the academic, professional and mental health events that ESS runs. Please do not hesitate to contact me for anything you might need in regards to my portfolio or ESS in general or even if you just want to chat and network!

Catherine Betancourt-Lee


VP Corporate Relations

Hi :) My name is Catherine and I am excited to be your VP Corporate Relations this year! Formally known as “email girl” I’ll be helping students this year progress their professional skills through different connections with sponsors and companies so keep your eye out for awesome networking events! I’m a third year biomedical engineering student that loves to help people and make their day brighter in one way or another. In my free time I love to vibe, volunteer, stay active, drink way too much coffee and be way too busy all the time. I’ve always loved meeting new people and I’m here to help so if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to reach out!

Jesse Lim


VP External

Hi everybody! My name is Jesse, and I am a Fourth Year Electrical Engineering Student! I’ve just finished my internship, and am looking forward to returning to the university and seeing all the new faces that I’ve missed since quarantine began. I was born in Calgary, so I have a soft spot for the city, and am passionate about seeing students get involved and make the most of their university degree. During my downtime, I play video games, read fiction novels, and sleep way too much. I can’t wait to see you all, and please feel free to come by the ESS office and say hi!

Sneha Dubey


VP Finance

Hey everyone! I’m Sneha, your VP Finance for the 2022-2023 school year. I’m a second year Geomatics Engineering student with a minor in Software Engineering. Some of the main things I do for council are funding events, competitions/conferences and manage the overall budget. It is my goal for all students to have the best experience with ESS and engineering, so I do my best to fund all of our activities. I love to read, travel and meet new people. Feel free to wave to me in the hallways or drop by the ESS Office!! :)

Michelle Chow


VP Internal

Hi everyone, welcome to Schulich! My name is Michelle and I’m in my third year of electrical engineering with a computer engineering minor. As your VP Internal, I will be working on designing merchandise, organizing the grad banquet, and developing student engagement initiatives to connect you with clubs and opportunities. I also oversee the diversity and sustainability commissioners on ESS. I love reading, travelling, and meeting new people! Come say hi if you see me around campus, and I hope you have a great year!

Zachary Lau


VP Operations

I’m currently in my last year of a combined degree with Electrical Engineering and Math. My hobbies include sports like soccer, golf or anything activity. As someone about to graduate, my advice to first years is to make sure to check out the facilities that our school has to offer such as the pool, climbing wall and squash courts! I’ve also been involved with ESS since 2019, first as VP Finance, then as Finance Commissioner and now as the Interim VP Operations. If you have any questions about ESS, school or anything don’t hesitate to ask. You’ll likely find me in the ESS Office or at ESS events.

Ana Perrone


VP Student Life

Hey everyone! Welcome to Schulich and ESS! My name is Ana and I am a third-year Software Engineering student. I’m originally from Brazil, but I moved to Calgary when I was 8 years old and I have been living here ever since! I remember how scary yet exciting my first year of university was, so whether you’re from Brazil, Canada or anywhere in this big big world, feel free to reach out to me if you ever want to chat! I absolutely love meeting new people, so if you see me around, please feel free to say hi!

Jonathan Breidfjord


VP Technology

Hey! I’m Jon, a 2nd year Software Engineering student. I’m excited to use my role as VP Tech to help ESS reach its full potential through digital innovation. Outside of school, you can catch me hunting for the best taco. I love meeting other students so come chat if you see me around!

Commissioner Team


Garret Wylie


Artistic Commissioner

Hello everyone, as you can see above my name is Garret. I am currently entering my 2nd year in Schulich and have chosen Civil Engineering as my major. The Artistic Commissioners role on ESS is to design any visuals that the council needs. This is mainly event posters/Instagram posts, but my role will also include things like the yearbook cover, and most of the visuals that you can see in this years Cogwheel. I grew up playing lots of sports, and still really enjoy all physical activities. More specifically, activities in the outdoors such as hiking/backpacking have won my heart. I wish everyone the best of luck during their semester! And if you see spelling errors on any posters this year, no you didn’t. GW

Fabiha Chohan


Community Relations Commissioner

Hey! I’m Fabiha, I am an incoming second year Biomedical Engineering student with a minor in Digital Engineering. I’m the Community Relations Commissioner for the academic year 2022-2023. I have been working with our community partners to help bring benefits and discounts for all our engineering students that hold an ESS membership! I am also a very outgoing person who loves to be involved in the engineering community by being part of different clubs. This is also my first time being part of ESS and I am so excited for this new journey!

Rayna Dietz


Diversity Commissioner

Hi y’all :) My name is Rayna and I am a second year mechanical engineering student. I’m excited to be your diversity commissioner this year. I’ll be working this year to create fun and inclusive events for students to attend, as well as supplying information regarding diversity to ESS and the student body. Outside of school, I love to do sports like martial arts and rugby. You can always find me watching the sunset or doing a random art project. If you see me around come say hi, I look forward to meeting you all!

Michael Kohlman


Finance Commissioner

Hey, I’m Michael Kohlman and I am this year’s Finance Commissioner for ESS. In this role, I oversee the application and selection processes for SELF, which provides funding for engineering projects and clubs. I also help out with SSAF funding applications on behalf of ESS, and during the school year you can sometimes find me helping out in the ESS Office. When I’m away from school, I enjoy skiing, stock market investing, and dirt biking.

Jordan Christopher-Shah


Professional Development Commissioner

As the PD Comissioner, I hope to leverage my experience coming back from Internship and previously holding this role to build off of previous years. My aim is to bring more opportunities for students to learn about the industry, develop their professional skills and feel prepared for their futures. Some of my main events are the PD Fair, Mock Interviews, and information sessions with companies and past interns. Outside of ESS I study Electrical Engineer w/ a Biomedical Eng minor. I also write, produce and play music with my band, work on art and graphic design and love playing sports (bball especially) and working out. Always looking for new experiences.

Isaiah Lemieux


Publications Commissioner

Wadduuup! I’m Isaiah, and I’ll be your Publications Commissioner this year. My role essentially involves helping out both the VP and the Artistic Commissioner wherever they need it… basically the Swiss Army knife of the Communications team. I’m entering my 3rd year of Software Engineering and I’m excited to get back into it! I love hockey (go habs), Formula 1 (go lewis), movies, and anything to do with nature. If you see me on campus, I’ll probably be listening to music, but definitely come and say hi anyways!

Youssef Hamed


Social Commissioner

Sup everyone! My name is Youssef, and I am one of your Social Commissioners this year. I’m entering my second year in a Software Engineering major with a Mechatronics minor. I am very excited to help come up with, organize and run the events this year. This is the first year in a while where COVID shouldn’t influence things much at all (hopefully) which opens up many possibilities for our events. When I’m not doing engineering-related things I’m usually playing video-games, listening to some music, or watching some classic movies. If you see me around feel free to come chat!

Tavish Comrie


Social Commissioner

My name is Tavish Comrie and I am one of the two student life commissioners. I am in my second year of engineering and am in geomatics. My favourite things to do when I have free time include playing or watching sports, watching shows or movies, going to the gym, and playing piano. I am also an athlete on the UofC rowing team, am a BC 4-H Ambassador, and am a Community Ambassador in Cascade this year. I hope to see you around!

Ella Johnson


Sponsorship Commissioner

Hello everyone! My name is Ella Johnson, and I am the Sponsorship Commissioner for the upcoming year. My role primarily involves connecting with potential sponsors to help support ESS for the academic year. My favourite part about the ESS is how I get to interact with the campus community. I love how ESS offers incredibly unique and diverse experiences to the student body. I’m going into my second year of a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business. In my spare time I like to read, play piano, bake, play Stardew Valley, and volunteer. I work during the school year, teaching piano to all levels, and ages. This year, I’m excited to explore new ideas and events with ESS. I’m extremely energetic, outgoing, and caffeinated. I love to meet new people, so don’t be afraid to stop and chat if you see me around!

Abod Abbas


Sustainability Commissioner

Hey Hey Hey, I am Abod. I am entering my third year of my double major in ELectrical Engineering and Computer Science. Most of what I do as sustainability comissioner is ensure that sustainability is being considered in all aspects of ESS operations. I do this through finding new ways in which ESS can be more environmentally sustainable in the broader engineering community. When I am not doing my homework, I love to play and also watch soccer and basketball. I also like travelling when I have time. Can’t wait to meet you all, and please dont hesitate to reach out to me if you have any ideas or suggestions for how to make schulich more sustainable reach out to me @sustainability@essucalgary.com. Otherwie, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable year ahead of you!!

Hiten Mahalwar


Technology Commissioner

Hey everyone! I’m Hiten Mahalwar, a 3rd year Software Eng major with a Biomedical Eng minor. I was previously a first year rep (keep your eye out for applications for that position) and last year I was the community relations commissioner. This year I’ll be helping with all of ESS’s digital initiatives and expanding ESS outreach. Make sure to check out our website for all the latest ESS news. Outside of school, I love playing basketball, soccer, and hiking, as well as messing around with interesting technology. Feel free to say hi if you see me around!